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2019-2020 Conductor Search Season

The Lima Symphony Orchestra is a joy to work with. With most of the Modo team members having a background in music, we’ve found the Symphony to be a perfect fit. They allow us to create challenging designs and encourage us to think unconventionally when producing videos.

The upcoming season is a game changer. After decades under the musical leadership of Maestro Crafton Beck, the Lima Symphony is searching for a new conductor. The 2019-2020 season features a new guest conductor candidate for each concert. Who will be the new conductor of the Lima Symphony Orchestra?

Modo created a design that is sophisticated, yet has an air of mystery for this season. The conductor candidates are diverse, but we wanted the style to create a level playing field. The choice of black and white photography helped with consistency, as each candidate had different styles of headshots to provide. Each conductor is highlighted by subtle color to differentiate their personalities and specific concert they would be presenting. 

The tagline “Focus Forward” is used to convey a new direction for the Symphony, without glossing over years of incredible success. In the videos especially, artful use of gaussian blur and focusing transitions help tell the story. 


As the conductors visit Lima this season, we will be interviewing them and creating videos to help introduce the Lima community to each candidate. Every season of the Lima Symphony Orchestra is impressive, but this season is sure to be outstanding.

Focus Forward Social Media Preview
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