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Premiere Presentation

The Metro Center is a development project that has just started in Downtown Lima. The lower level of this historic building will feature a business mall with offices and retail shops. The upper floors will be loft-style apartments with rooftop gardens, gym facilities, and beautiful views of the Downtown. 

Without a finished product to film or photograph, we were given the unique task of marketing a building for lease in the future. The goal - to fill every available business and residential space upon the building’s opening. We created an updated logo for the building based on an emblem on the outside structure of the facade. We used blueprints and architectural renderings to produce TV and social commercials, as well as large format print pieces for a building open house. We also started social media pages to help build interest and a sense of community in the building. We are excited to see this building transform in the months to come. This is yet another amazing contribution to our downtown, and Modo is proud to have created the marketing materials for the Metro Center.

Metro Center 2019-2
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