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GME Video

Though we’ve created many videos for St. Rita’s in the past, this video was massive in scope and hopefully in impact. St. Rita’s is planning to construct a facility specifically for training resident doctors to excel in their discipline. This facility will feature state-of-the-art training mannequins, advanced technology, and most importantly, a thriving community of physicians working together to provide the best care for patients. The video Modo created will be used to attract donors to the project and help inform the broader community about future plans.

We interviewed more than ten doctors and hospital administrators to weave together an informative and compelling story. Storytelling is crucial when editing 12+ hours of footage into a five or ten-minute video. We were able to make use of B Roll to help convey the message and cover transitions. Mercy Health St. Rita’s Medical Center has high standards for any piece they put out, and we were able to deliver.

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